DL- Methionine

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An important role in high animal performance is played by animal feed composition, which must meet individual physiological needs of animals. Especially important are the essential amino acids, including essential amino acid - methionine. Indispensable amino acid is that which cannot be synthesized by the body, and the only source is food. Methionine is particularly important because it is part of a protein that is known as the building blocks of the body. The importance of methionine is also the fact that he is involved in the metabolism moving as containing methyl group (-SNZ). Paying moving the methyl group, promotes the synthesis of methionine, choline, with insufficient formation is related to violation of the synthesis of phospholipids and fat deposition in the liver neutral fat. Methionine is also involved in the synthesis of adrenaline, creatine and other biologically important compounds; activating effects of hormones, vitamins (B12, folic acid and ascorbic) enzymes. As you know, the main regulators of metabolism in the human body are enzymes that proves the importance of methionine, which is part of their composition

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