European leader in producing feed and food additives - company Sonac!

Since 2015 LLC «Agro Forward Ukraine» is official distributor and strategic partner of «Sonac» - European leader of the feed and food additives. The company offers products for wholesale and retail, the products fully correspond to the all requirements and standarts of Ukrainian and European legislature.

Sonac was founded in 2001 with the purpose of providing new, safe and fully traceable solutions for the pet food industry. Sonac developed into a global innovator and expert in natural high quality ingredients for the food, pet food, feed, fertilizer and other industries. 

In 2014 Sonac became a part of Darling Ingredients, the world’s largest producer of sustainable natural ingredients from edible & inedible organic residuals and a respected global leader in repurposing. Darling Ingredients has emerged as a global leader and innovator in the field of sustainable organic ingredients, providing quality products and services to processing industries around the world. Our critical and environmentally safe solutions for the removal and sustainable use of agricultural, industrial and food by-products help protect the food and feed chains, keep people and animals safe, and benefit people, businesses and the environment.

LLC «Agro Forward Ukraine» offers: hemоglobinpowder, plasma powder, Calfos, Delfos, porcine blood powder, porcine meal 50-60%, feather meal and many more.

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