L-threonine, 98,5%

LLC «Agro Forward Ukraine» offers on the Ukrainian market essential amino acid L-threonine at affordable prices and on favorable terms. L-threonine meets all the required standards and quality requirements.

One of the most important factors in growing animals and poultry is well-balanced diet according to the physiological needs of the animals. Insufficient amount of essential amino acids in the diet adversely affect the health of animals and consequently their productivity. Since by nature the essential amino acids can not be synthesized by the body of animals, there is a need to add them separately. Essential amino acid L-threonine is involved in the synthesis of skeletal muscle proteins, digestive enzymes, immune proteins, the synthesis of glycerin and energy metabolism involved in dealing with fat deposition in the liver, supports the gastrointestinal tract is involved in metabolism and absorption processes and therefore imperative in the diet of animals and poultry.

The recommended amount of L-threonine in the diet:
Broilers                                        1,6-4,0%
Laying hens                                 0,8-1,6%
Turkeys, partridges                     2,5-4,0%
Piglets (up to 25 kg)                    2,5-4,0%
Fattening pigs,                            1,6-2,5%
Sows                                           0,8-1,6%
Packing: 25 kg bags

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