Betaine, 96%

LLC «Agro Forward Ukraine» sells betaine anhydrous 96%, of high quality and efficiency at affordable prices and on favorable terms, both in Ukraine and abroad. The product fully complies with the standards and requirements of the Ukrainian and European legislation, and its quality is confirmed by the best results from the use of our clients.

To date, betaine anhydrous 96% is widely used in animal husbandry, food processing, pharmaceuticals, household chemicals, paints, chemical industry and others.
Betaine anhydrous  96% is a source of methyl groups and osmoprotectant, which positively affects the metabolism and improves the condition of the intestinal epithelium, provides a more complete assimilation of the exchange energy here enhances resistance to stress.
Recomended application: cattle, horses, pigs, cats, fish, dogs, poultry.
Use of betaine anhydrous 96% increases  muscle mass, reduces the amount of fat cells in pigs. Since the osmolyte is betaine, it can protect cells, proteins and enzymes from the influence of environment. In addition, anhydrous betaine 96% protects the internal organs, reduces the risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and improves productivity.  Betaine is also used to reduce the osmotic pressure of the fish during their transfer from fresh water to salt.

Product description




crystalline powder from white to light yellow

Betaine %

not less than 96

Loss on drying

< 2,5

Heavy metals Pb mg /kg

Arsenic                As mg/ kg

The recommended dose                                                                                                                                                    

0,2-2 kg/t

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