Soyabran hull

LLC «Agro Forward Ukraine» sells soybean hull that meets all requirements and standards of European and Ukrainian legislature. We offer for sale only quality product because our customers trust us and cooperate for a long time.

Soybean hull is a product that is an important component, contains a wealth of mineral substances and microelements. In simple words soybean hull - it's soybean hulls. Soy hull formed after complete processing of  oil and meal production, and then after drying process of all that remained. This product is a product of animal nutrition, addition to the usual diet, which will lead to balancing supply and will be a valuable source of nutrients. Soybean hull is not only used as a supplement to diet of animals, but also as an additional element for the production of animal feed. Also soy hull used as the basis for fiber. If we talk about the storage of this component, you should make sure that soy hull is stored in a dry place, with minimum humidity. As a general rule,  soybean hull can be stored 1 month from the manufacture date.

Individual approach to each of the client is a guarantee for the long-term cooperation on favorable terms.