Soybean cake bulk

LLC «Agro Forward Ukraine" sells high-quality soybean cake throughout Ukraine and abroad at affordable prices and on favorable terms.

Soybean cake is an essential element of the diet product that is used as a product for feeding animals and poultry. As the name suggests, even the most ignorant in this field will understand that the product is extracted during processing of soybeans. For the full preparation of feed and different feed mixtures. Soybean cake is produced during the extraction of oil from soy beans. Soybean cake is characterized by a large number of nutrients in their composition. Soybean cake  positively effects the the growth of animals even at its short time use. The soybean cake has a high content of proteins that allows you to create full complex of bait and feed without the addition of expensive additives and fat. For example, if you add to the diet for cows soybean cake, it is possible to increase milking. 

Individual approach to each of the client is a guarantee for the long-term cooperation on favorable terms.