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Soya  - a culture that belongs to the family of soybean. This culture is composed of many useful components, including grains rich in soy protein (30% and some varieties have more than 40%). In addition, the soybean grain is very much appreciated, as this culture is peculiar to many medicinal and nutritional properties. Soybean prefers moist climate, frequent weeding, planting this crop twice on the same plantation is not recommended.
Soy is used for cooking stews, soups, burgers, cooking soy sauce, which is great substitute for salt. soybean crop depends entirely on the choice of the varieties planted crops. Due to its unique properties of soybean grain is popular all over the world. Due to the uniqueness of this culture we can get not only oil, but also cake, which can then be used for animals. The processing is also available soybean flour, which is also a protein and a fount of useful components.

Сharacteristics and requirements to soybean

DSTU 4964:2008



Moisture, %, not more than


Protein content, on dry matter, %, not least than


Oil content, on dry matter %, not least than


Dirt and oil impurity (all), %, not more than


Dirt impurity


In oil impurity: sunflower seeds

5,0 2,0

Castor oil plant seeds

not allowed

Pests contamination

nor allowed, except 1 level tick contamination  

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