Extruded soy

LLC «Agro Forward Ukraine» sells extruded soy product  at affordable prices throughout Ukraine and abroad.

A valuable product of soybean is extruded soybean, which is valued for high proteine and is a cost-effective product.
Extruded soy is rich in high-calorie and protein and is used for feeding animals and poultry. This product has a high feeding value and therefore widely used in the rear area. The value of this product is its ability to fill the shortage of vital aminoacids and proteins which are very essential for achieving high rates of productivity of animals and poultry.

The use of extruded soy showed good results in growing chickens, the product completely replaces oil and meal in the diet of poultry. Equally important is the use of soy in the diet of lactating sows to improve the viability of pigs.

Studies have shown that using of extruded soy in the diet of young cattle, increases the live weight by 4.6%, while feed costs are reduced by 5-6%.

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