Soybean meal bulk

LLC «Agro Forward Ukraine» sells soybean meal of high quality at affordable prices throughout Ukraine and abroad.

Soybean meal is produced through the soybean processing. Soybean processing takes place in several stages, and only after that we get the meal. Soybean meal is a food product, which is used for feeding animals. Soybean meal has a very positive influence on the animal performance, this product is also used for feeding fish. After the production of soybean oil are wastes and grist already produced directly from these residues.  Moreover, not only increases the amount of milk and eggs, but also is significanly increases in the quality of these products, which uses in each of our diet. 


Name of item

Actual value


not granular - homogeneous bulk mass


from light yellow to dark brown


peculiar to soybean meal, odor-free

Content of crude protein  based on dry substance, %

not less than 45

Content of crude fiber  based on dry substance, %

not more than  7

Content of crude fat  based on dry substance, %

not more than 1,5

Content of moisture and volatile substances,%

not more than in DSTU 4230:2003

Content of metal impurities,%
- Particles up to 2 mm inclusive

not more than 0.01

Pests contamination

not allowed

The content of impurities (stones, glass, ash)

not allowed

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