Sunflower meal granulated

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Sunflower meal is a product produced during the processing of sunflower seeds and used as animal feeding. Sunflower meal prepared after numerous seed processing, including oil soaking. Do not confuse sunflower meal with sunflower cake, because it is different products, namely meal is a product of recycling. Meal, contains in its structure a much lower percentage of  fat. Protein level, which has in its composition sunflower quite high - about 50%. For animals sunflower is a fortified complex, vitamins supplement to the main feed. It is a great and useful value meal. Sunflower meal has also a huge number of different amino acids, contained in its composition. The cost of this dietary supplement is much less than the cost of expensive imported  additives, which brings the same result. Fiber, vitamins, minerals - all available in large quantities in the part of sunflower meal.


Organoleptic characteristics of sunflower meal

Title indicators Characteristics of sunflower meal toasted
Exterior Granular - granules of cylindrical shape
Color Grey of various shades
Smell The characteristic smell of sunflower meal free of foreign smell (musty, mildew burned)


Physical and mechanical properties of sunflower meal

Indicator name Norm
Diameter of granules mm 6,0 ÷ 20,0
The length of one granule, mm 10,0 ÷ 26,0
The mass of granules passing through a sieve of 2 mm, not more than 5,5
The bulk (poured) density, kg / m3, at least 600,0


Physical and chemical indicators and safety performance of sunflower meal

Indicator name Norm
Mass fraction of moisture and volatile substances,%, no more than 11,0

Ash content, rather than dissolved in 10% hydrochloric acid, based on dry substance,%, no more than


Fat content and extractives in absolutely dry substance,%, not more than


The content of impurities (stones, glass, earth, etc.)

not allow
Mass fraction of metal impurities,%, not more than: 
particle size up to 2 mm inclusive
Crude protein in the absolutely dry substance,%, not less than 38,0
Mass fraction of crude fiber, based on the dry substance,%, not more than 23,0
Mass fraction of residual solvent (Nefras),%, not more than 0,08

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