Soya oil

LLC «Agro Forward Ukraine» sells high-quality soybean oil. Despite the high price of corn soya, we offer soybean oil at affordable prices in Ukraine and abroad.

Soybean oil is a by-product derived from soybean seeds by pressing  soybean, digestibility of this product is almost 100%. Soybean oil is obtained by pressing or extraction. 

Advantages of soybean oil: 

  1. high absorption by the body,
  2. enhances immunity,
  3. liquid soybean oil keeps a wide temperature range,
  4. easily recyclable, 
  5. natural antioxidants contained in soybean oil stored even during processing.

The by-products of soybean processing are: soybean oil, soybean meal and soybean cake which are also used for animal feed.
In addition, soybean oil is also used in the food industry.

DSTU: 4534:2006


vegetable oil


soybean oil

Preparation method


Odor and flavour

odor and taste typical of soybean oil, odor, flavor, bitterness


natural, brown with a yellowish tinge

Grain hardness

slightly unclear, small leas is allowed

Mass fraction of fatty impurity,%, not more than


Moisture content, %


Acid number, mg /g


Peroxide value, and 1.2 mol / kg, not more than


Mass fraction of phosphorus-containing compounds, based on the stearooleolecitin%


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