Brewers`grains bulk

LLC «Agro Forward Ukraine» sells brewer`s grain bulk all over Ukraine and abroad at affordable prices and on favorable terms.

Brewer's grain bulk is a product that we get after the brewing process. The appearance of these "remnants"- it is a dry mixture recycled wort (thick), if we consider the "thick" closely, you can see the remains of seeds (raw barley). Dry beer pellet can be used in different forms, as dry and wet. This "mixture" is used for animal feed, mixing with other similar processed products, bran, and other fodder. Also, brewers' grains is used for human purposes. Besides the protein content this product includes a number of vitamins, protein, minerals and fatty acids. It is necessary to establish the animals daily dose for consumption of the product, which will result in weight increase of animals and improve the quality of meat and products that give us animals.

Individual approach to each of the client is a guarantee for the long-term cooperation on favorable terms.