Brewers` grain granulated

LLC «Agro Forward Ukraine» sells brewer`s  grain granulated throughout Ukraine and abroad at affordable prices and on favorable terms.

Brewers' grains granulated - is a product,  we get in the final stage of the process of brewing. Brewers' grains granulated is the same waste grounds that remain after digestion of mash. Scope of use brewer`s grains granulated is quite wide. This component is used primarily as a very biologically active additive for animal feed (large cattle and smaller animals, such as rabbits). Beer pellet granulated very well kept, because it has a high density. The conducted study have shown that animal weight is significantly increases when brewer`s grain is used in the diet, with virtually no side effects. Also, brewer's grain is a component that is found in many dietary supplements and animal feed, in combination with other similar components. 

Individual approach to each of the client is a guarantee for the long-term cooperation on favorable terms.