Natural fiber

 LLC "Agro Forward Ukraine" sells natural fiber at affordable prices and on favorable terms throughout Ukraine and abroad.

Fiber takes significant place in the diet and therefore affects the gastrointestinal tract of humans as well as animals. There are many types of fiber. Everyone knows cellulose - a type of fiber - found in wholemeal flour, bran, young peas, cucumber peel, apples, carrots. Hemicellulose found in bran, beets, Brussels sprouts and mustard green shoots. This kind of coarse fiber is as desirable to include in the diet. It should be noted that these two types of fiber very well absorb water and thus greatly facilitate the work of the colon. Lignin - this type of fat often found in cereal, taken at breakfast and in the stale vegetables and bran. However, it should be noted that fiber lignin reduces absorption of all other fibers.

Increase the amount of fiber in the diet by using natural fiber from "Agro Forward Ukraine" We offer only quality products have proven themselves only with the best hand and tested in practice.
Natural fiber from "Agro Ukraine Forward" is cellulose powder from natural raw materials.  Appearance: is tasteless, white, fine powder with a bulk density of about 205 g / l, which is used in foods to add fiber, as well as a stabilizer, water-retaining agent, carrier substance for other additives.

LLC "Agro Forward Ukraine" sells only quality products so you can be sure in the best results when using them!