Alkaline washing agent

LLC «Agro Forward Ukraine» sells quality foam alkaline washing agent throughout Ukraine at reasonable prices.

Wash alkaline foam product is used to remove fat, protein impurities from plastic, ceramic, glass, stainless steel and metal surfaces in the food industry and catering.

  • Designed for general cleaning of equipment and surfaces in meat, fish, dairy, confectionery industry ;
  • Versatile in application: removes fats of different origin, protein contamination;
  • The powerful formula: removes most persistent pollution at a time;
  • Easily rinsed.

How to use: as a foam (with foam Foam or stationary positions) by spraying high-pressure hand or immersion method

Physical and chemical properties:
Aggregate state: liquid
Color: White or light yellow
Odour: specific
pH, (1%, 20-25 ° C):> 12
Density g / cm3, 20 ° C: 1,05 - 1,15